Benefits Of Getting A Labiaplasty Done

The labia are flaps of skin that cover women’s genitals. The genital opening is called the vulva. The labia form a protective covering over the vulva. The vulva itself has very sensitive skin that is prone to abrasion. The labia protect it from getting chaffed up. Some women do not have normal sized labia. No two women have the same labial anatomy. Some women might need labiaplasty to fix their labia. A labiaplasty is a surgery that changes the shape and size of the labia. The aim of labiaplasty in Perth is usually to change the size of the labia. The labia itself is divided into two parts. The inner part is made up of sensitive moist skin while the outer part is composed of dry external skin. The outer labia covers the inner labia. A labiaplasty impacts the size of the inner labia in most cases. The inner labia are more sensitive and vulnerable and softer than the outer labia.

Reducing the size of the labia:
Most labiaplasty surgeries aim to reduce the size of the labia. This is because enlarged labia feels very uncomfortable. Many women complain of discomfort because of abnormally large labia. They can easily get the size of their labia reduced. The operation for the removal of labia is called labiaplasty. If you are interested about microdermabrasion Perth you can visit

Increasing the size of the labia:
Some women have very small labia, which causes problems. This exposes the vulva to outer objects such as clothes and other items. This can cause injury or discomfort. It is advisable to get a labiaplasty done in this case. In this case, the purpose of labiaplasty is to increase the size of the labia. Some women are born with small labia. Other women’s labia shrink with age. This often happens during puberty. This often happens when the women are twelve to thirteen years old. The signs start to appear at this age. With most women, the shape and size of the labia change when they reach puberty in their early teenage. Some women do not reach puberty until they are fifteen to sixteen years of age.

Some women get labiaplasty in order to counter the effects of female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is a problem in some societies. Many people misunderstand the purpose of labia. They think it is intrusive and needs to be removed. This is a misunderstanding. Like most other body parts, labia serve a purpose too. They should not be removed unless advised by a physician. Female genital mutilation can cause permanent damage. The damage caused by female genital mutilation can be remedied to some extent by the use of labiaplasty. Many women who are victims of female genital mutilation have their genitals changed at an early age. The labia are analogous to foreskin in males.