How To Soothe Your Tired Feet?

We all have experienced a tired from work, school or anywhere it may be – you come home with feet feeling hot and tired that you want to rest it. This is common for a lot of people who use their feet a lot or those who have been standing for a long period of time. Sometimes the main cause for this is wearing inappropriate shoes which are too tight or too big. A woman’s shoe heel is also another big impact for pain in the feet.

Learning how to soothe your feet at home or even by a foot specialist is just priceless compared to what relief you find in process of soothing your feet.

If you have foot problems and they are very consistent, it is recommended that you visit a Gold Coast podiatrist just to make sure everything is alright.

When you are at home rest your feet by elevating your feet so that the blood and other fluids that is making your feet swell to exit from your feet. Remove your socks and keep your feet slightly above, keeping it to the level of your heart can help make the blood circulation even faster. To do this you could lie down and keep a few pillows under your feet but try doing it in a way that it doesn’t block blood flow to your ankles.You might need a change of shoes – if you are wearing shoes are too small you’re causing your feet less blood flow and that will lead to tiredness and pain in your feet. Same goes to women’s heels. Appropriate foot wear is also important – sportswear for sports and office shoes for office wear.Some of the main problem for stress in the feet is because the feet can’t handle the weight of the body which means you need to try to lose some weight to help your feet. Another great idea is to soak your feet in warm water Epsom salt bath to soothe your feet. The salt can reduce the swelling and reduce the muscle tension in your feet. Do this for not more than 30 minutes or the salt will start to dehydrate your body.Have you ever used a feet massage roller? If not you should buy because the relaxation it give when you are using it close to a proper massage. It can reduce the tension from your muscles and removes most of the discomfort off your feet. Wood rollers do better than other material try to get one for you.