Best Home Treatments For Wheezers

Wheezing is generally a disease that is quite common among people who mostly have a lot of allergies and are very sensitive to pollutants like dust. However there could be other reasons as well. This is a breathing difficulty that is caused in the lungs along with a whistling sound that is emitted when one that suffers from this breathes. It is essential to get it checked by the professionals to determine the exact steps that need to be taken in curing and curtailing this situation. However this doesn’t mean you’ve got to solely depend high dosages of drugs, you could always try out a great home remedies as a cure. The following are some; 

Raw ginger and its juice

Ginger has always known to be among one of the roots with highly rich medicinal properties and it serves many purposes. It is also known to be one of the best remedies for wheezing too. There are different ways on how you could use this medically rich root to cure wheezing. One way would be to extract the juice and combine it with honey and pomegranate juice, all of which are added in equal parts. One tablespoon of this mix ought to be taken at least twice or thrice a day till there is a positive response by the body to this situation. Another way would be to combine one teaspoon of crushed ginger and a cup of water, drink this mix before you go to bed as it helps in reducing the symptoms of wheezing and helps you have a good night’s rest or you could even eat raw ginger by adding a pinch of salt to it and this would be a much better alternative than having to go through nebulisers Australia in the hospitals, unless of course the situation goes out of hand!

Mustard oil

This is an oil known for its antifungal, antibacterial and stimulant characteristics thus making it another perfect remedy for wheezing. Rather than going through with a number of medical equipment and procedures you could try out this oil, here you are required to heat it and massage it over your chest and upper back until the symptoms lessen and eventually fade away once and for all.


They say honey is the cure for everything but death and that is a proven fact too. So it is no wonder that it cures wheezing as well. As it helps reduce inflammation that may occur due to wheezing and also has antibacterial properties, it is recommended to drink it combined with a glass of water or inhaling the aroma of this too is suggested. It could also be added into ginger juice and drunk too. Wheezing may be common among many, hence the treatment methods are all too common too. So being aware of the symptoms and cures as well, is important in order to manage this situation and not let it go out of control. If you find major breathing difficulties don’t think twice about visiting the hospital as the professionals are always the best in such situations, let them handle it and bring it under control. But you could always try these home remedies to control the situation and prevent it from becoming worse!