When Does One Need A Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement sounds really scary. But, now, orthopaedics use latest surgical instruments and brings change in their process of operation which helps a lot of patients.

Knee replacement is a surgery by which one’s real knee is replaced by an artificial one. When done by an experienced Melbourne orthopaedic surgeon, the process will help one to get rid of knee pains and get back to normalcy. But do not go for a replacement in a little period of treatment, because it has high risk and after the replacement you need to through several restrictions. However, the primary cause of knee replacement is to minimize the pain and disability resulted by arthritis. Here are some other reasons when does one need a knee replacement?

  • If you are suffering from arthritis or other joint problems, and even after a long treatment you are not finding any remedy, then it is time to have a knee replacement by a reputed orthopaedic surgeon. Arthritis damages knees and if it is not in a condition of refit, then there is no other option without doing knee replacement. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post- traumatic arthritis are almost impossible to treat through medicines and if your knee is not in minimal stable position, then knee replacement is the one and only option. If the joint pain stays for a long time, then it may result to a new problem. It stops the supply of blood in bones. This is known as avascular necrosis. As a result of this, patients die.
  • Apart from the problem of arthritis or joint pain, in the case of knee deformities one needs to undergo knee replacement. Deformities like, bowed legs or knock knees, will not be mended by medicine of other remedies. On the other hand, this type of deformities pressurize on joints. Because of continuous stress, there occurs pain and the patient is not able to walk properly. With the knee replacement the patient can lead a new healthy life.
  • As knee replacement is quite dangerous, so doctors suggest trying other process to mend the problem. Doctors used to suggest patients to have some exercises which help to strengthen the muscles of knee and to gain flexibility. Because of overweight, there occurs joint pain. In that case, try to lose weight which lower down the pain. Shoe plays the primary role in diminishing pain. While you are suffering from joint pain, then you need to put on right foot wares, prescribed by the doctors. This will comparatively lower down your pain. But if you still feel the pain, then go for a knee replacement.